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The Pinellas County Public Works Department works hard every day to serve you!

Whether it’s managing traffic flow, repairing a bridge, filling a pothole, preventing mosquitoes, trimming trees, sweeping streets, maintaining beaches and waterways or improving drainage, Public Works is here to help. Our team manages the essential infrastructure and critical natural and urban environmental resources that Pinellas County residents and visitors rely on.

How Can We Assist You?

See a problem in your community? Report it! Call, email, visit our website or download our app to report issues.

Reporting online or with the app? Snap a photo and report issues with potholes, sidewalks, illegal dumping, mistimed traffic signals and more with your smartphone or mobile device. We’ll address the issue and send you an email update on how we’re resolving it.

Contact Information By Issue Type

Issue Type Phone Number
Area code is 727 unless otherwise indicated
Beach Nourishment 464-8766
Dock Permitting 453-3385
  • Illegal/Hazardous (including yard waste, dog waste, chemicals, sediment, hazardous waste)
    For streets, stormdrains, ditches or waterways
  • Garbage (including trash, appliances, tires)

    For right-of-ways, call Pinellas Litter Hotline

    For private property, call Pinellas County Code Enforcement



Fertilizer and Landscape Ordinance 464-4425
Flood Information Services
Flood insurance info for homeowners and businesses
Mangroves, Trimming or Enforcement 453-3385
Mosquito Control Prevention/Treatment
Request service for all areas of the county 
Mowing and Landscape Services 464-8900
For areas in unincorporated Pinellas County



Pond Maintenance
  • County-Owned
  • Private Pond Questions

Residential Traffic Concerns
Submit a neighborhood traffic calming concern or request to
Roadway, Bridge & Drainage Maintenance, County
Potholes or other road issues, bridge issues, broken sidewalk, street sweeping, drainage complaints, flooding issues

For State Road issues, report directly to FDOT Customer Service
Speed Enforcement
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Street Light Installation, New Residential
Submit form
Street Light Repair
  • Non-Residential (Arterial/Major Roadway)
    Street light in need of repair
  • Residential (Duke Energy)
    Request a new or report a broken, damaged, blinking or malfunctioning street light

443-2641 or
(800) 700-8744
Survey and Mapping
Right-of-way maps and easements
Traffic Management Center
For 24/7 traffic information, including inquiries/reports on signal issues, traffic concerns, such as speed and volume, and roadway signage replacement, such as stop signs and street name signs.
Follow us on Twitter@PinellasTraffic or email
Urban Forestry, Tree Trimming & Removal
Email requests to
Wildlife Alert Hotline
To report fish, wildlife, boating or environmental violations, email or text to state mobile
(888) 404-FWCC

State mobile: #FWC or *FWC