Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board

This board conducts examinations for county contractor certifications, registers state-certified contractors, helps enforce licensing laws, holds public hearings for code amendments, supervises insurance coverage for contractors and investigates complaints in contracting field.

Special District Information

  • The full legal name of the special district:
    Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board.
  • The public purpose of the special district:
    Safeguard the life, health, property and public welfare of the citizens of Pinellas County, as the business of construction and home improvement is a matter affecting the public interest and any person desiring to engage in the business as herein defined on a countywide basis without the necessity of meeting the competency requirements of each municipality in Pinellas County and the requirements of Pinellas County may establish his competency and qualification to be certified as herein provided. The Legislature recognizes that the construction and home improvement industries may pose a danger of significant harm to the public when incompetent or dishonest contractors provide unsafe, unstable, or short-lived products or services. Therefore, it is necessary in the interest of the public health, safety, and welfare to regulate the construction industry in Pinellas County.
  • Member information can be found on the PCCLB website.
  • The fiscal year of the special district:
    October 1 through September 30.

Charter Information

Contact Information

  • Contact Name: Michelle Krickovic
  • Mailing address: 7887 Bryan Dairy Rd. Suite 133, Largo FL 33777-1444
  • E-mail address:
  • Telephone number: (727) 582-3100
  • Website URL:

Boundary and Services Information

  • A description of the boundaries or service area of the special district
    The boundaries are the same as the boundaries of Pinellas County.
  • Description of the services provided by the special district:
    License contractors in the Construction Industry. Enforce construction licensing laws and Florida Building Code. Serve as an interpreting body in Pinellas County for the Florida Building Code. Amendatory authority for Local Technical Amendments. Appeal Board for Florida Building Code conflicts.
  • List all taxes, fees, assessments, or charges imposed and collected by the special district, including the rates or amounts for the fiscal year and the statutory authority for the levy of the tax, fee, assessment, or charge. (For purposes of this subparagraph, charges do not include patient charges by a hospital or other health care provider.)
    Fee Schedule


Primary Contact Information for the Special District for Purposes of Communication from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO)

  • IEO Contact Name: Michelle Krickovic
  • DEO Contact Address:
    7887 Bryan Dairy Rd. Suite 133, Largo FL 33777-1444
  • DEO Contact Email:
  • DEO Contact Phone: (727) 582-3100
  • A code of ethics adopted by the special district, if applicable, and a hyperlink to generally applicable ethics provisions.
    State of Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees
  • The budget for the special district, in addition to amendments in accordance with s. 189.016.
  • The final, complete audit report for the most recent completed fiscal year, and audit reports required by law or authorized by the governing body of the special district.
    FY18 Audit Report
    FY19 Audit Report