Frequently Asked Questions About Special Magistrates

How do I request a lien reduction?

Visit How to Request a Lien Reduction for information on the process.

Please note, you cannot request a lien reduction unless your property is in compliance, as verified by Pinellas County Code Enforcement. In addition, you cannot have any other outstanding liens, or owe any outstanding taxes, utility payments or other money to Pinellas County.

How do I know when my hearing is scheduled?

You or your agent of record will be notified in writing of the date, time and location for the hearing. Hearings are at 315 Court Street, 5th Floor Assembly Room, Clearwater, FL 33756.

When should I submit my supporting documentation and / or evidence?

You can present all supporting documentation and / or evidence at your scheduled hearing. You should have copies made for both the Petitioner’s and Special Magistrate’s files. If you are presenting a witness, that person must have valid identification and be available at the time of hearing.

What do I need to bring to the hearing?

You must bring copies of everything that you want the Special Magistrate to add to the official record. You may also want to bring something for taking notes. All hearings are digitally recorded and can be made available for your review. You may need to wait a short time before your hearing begins, so bring any items you may need for your own comfort, such as a sweater or jacket, water or reading material. All cell phones should be turned off during hearings.

Who will conduct the hearing?

A Special Magistrate appointed by the Board of County Commissioners will conduct the hearing according to the rules and procedures of the Florida statutes.

What if I miss my scheduled hearing?

If you miss your scheduled hearing, the hearing will proceed and the Special Magistrate will consider any evidence presented by the Petitioner. The Special Magistrate will follow the same statutory guidelines as if you were present.

Can someone represent me if I am unable to attend my hearing? If so, who can represent me?

Prior to the hearing, you may contact the Special Magistrate’s office via email if you will not be attending the hearing. You also have the right, at your own expense, to be represented by an attorney or an agent of your choice.

What can I do if I disagree with the decision made at the hearing?

The final order will have information on the appeals process.

How do I pay a lien or fine?

You can find payment instructions on the last page of your final order. You can also call (727) 464-4761 with any questions.