Commercial Plan Review Requirements

Contractors, architects and / or engineers are responsible for contacting the following departments prior to submitting plans to the Building Department.

Department Contacts

  • Development Review Services — (727) 464-3888
  • Health Department — (727) 538-7277
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Non-County Utilities — see Municipalities
  • Site Plan Review List
  • Construction Management — (727) 464-8880
  • Survey & Mapping — (727) 464-8904
  • Any other applicable outside agencies

Commercial Plan Review Steps

  • Building
  • Electric
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Fire
  • Water / Sewer (727) 464-4000

No permit will be issued until all applicable departments/agencies have approved their portion of the application.

The initial plan review takes approximately 10 to 20 working days. Once the reviews are completed, we notify the owner or contractor by phone on the status of the plans.

Commercial Permit Procedure

Please check with our Zoning Division to verify jurisdiction and confirm that the zoning designation matches the intended use of the property. You will need a legal description, such as the 18-digit parcel number. If the review is for new construction or an addition, have your architect or engineer prepare a site plan to submit for review. You can contact Zoning at (727) 464-3401 for more information.

Special Requirements

Required Submissions to Commercial Plan Review

  • One Central Permit Form
  • One set of Energy Code Forms
  • Three sets of signed and sealed plans
  • One set of Product Approval Lists
  • One Flood Zone Application if construction is in an “A” or “V” flood zone

One set of plans is sent to the fire department, one is sent to the water and sewer department, and one is kept in house for a plan review.

The commercial plan review division is located on the 3rd floor of 440 Court Street and is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.