Pinellas Partners in Recycling – Contract Work Group Charter


Work groups are established to advance and support the objectives of Pinellas Partners in Recycling (PPR) in accordance with its Policies and Procedures.

The purpose of the Contract Work Group is to:

  • Develop and maintain resources to assist with the standardization of recycling collection, processing, and marketing contracts.
  • Provide resources to the representatives of solid waste and recycling departments of local and regional governments.


Per the recommendation of the Pinellas County Technical Management Committee (TMC), consultants were retained by the Pinellas County Department of Solid Waste (the County) to coordinate and facility a workshop with recycling stakeholders in the Tampa Bay region (2018 Recycling Workshop). The purpose of the Recycling Workshop was to facilitate discussion among public sector and private sector stakeholders who were directly or indirectly impacted by volatility in the recycling market with the goal of identifying issues and opportunities with recycling in the Tampa Bay region. The Contract Work Group (group) was initiated as an action item resulting from the Recycling Workshop.


The group maintains the following resources:

  • Contract Guidance Document, dated November 2020
  • Database of Pinellas County municipal recycling collection and processing contracts

Responsibilities of Officers

  • The Chair guides conduct of meetings, builds unity of purpose, helps prepare agendas, welcomes new members, and introduces guests, knows and understands the group’s purpose, ensures sufficient consideration of issues, tries to promote consensus, prevents anyone from dominating discussions, progresses through the agenda on time, summarizes problems, points, decisions, ensures decisions are carried out, delegates tasks, and represents the group to PPR.
  • The Secretary prepares agendas, arranges meetings, keeps formal records of the group’s process and decisions, ensures that records are placed on a site accessible to group and PPR, ensures that members have access to records, and assist in representing the group to PPR.

Responsibilities of Members

Member responsibilities include:

  • Attending and participating in work group meetings. If members cannot attend work group meetings, they should send an alternate.
  • Reviewing and providing input on draft resources.

Members & Organizations

Officers and members include representatives from the solid waste and recycling departments of local and regional governments, and private sector recycling collector and processors. Current members are listed below in alphabetical order by last name.

  • Natalie Betts, Balcones Resources
  • Ian Boyle, Waste Connections
  • Sheridan Boyle, City of Clearwater
  • Jack Crooks, City of St. Petersburg
  • Rachelle Dobbs, Pasco County
  • Deanna Doss, City of Gulfport
  • Danny Gallagher, Hillsborough County
  • John Hansen, SSR
  • Alita Kane, The Recycling Partnership
  • Shelby Lewis, City of Tampa
  • Tracy Meehan, WastePro
  • William “Bill” Pickrum, City of Dunedin
  • Kurt Salac, Waste Connections
  • Jasmine Scott, Pinellas County Department of Solid Waste (Secretary)
  • Bob TenHaaf, WastePro
  • Stephanie Watson, Pinellas County Department of Solid Waste(Chair)


The group is ongoing. The meeting frequency is annual or as needed. Reporting The Work Group reports its activity to PRR, who reports the group’s activity to the TMC.