Planning Agencies / Boards / Committees


  • The Local Planning Agency (LPA) recommends changes to the Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use, the Land Development Code and more.
  • The Pinellas Planning Council (PPC) provides a forum for local governments to cooperate on issues that affect more than one jurisdiction and to work out any disputes that may arise. It also strives to bring consistency to the planning and regulatory efforts of our 25 local governments.
  • The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) deals with long-range transportation planning, transportation concurrency, impact fees and more.


  • The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) reviews changes to the Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use, the Land Development Code, the Zoning map and more.
  • The Board of Adjustment and Appeals (BOAA) reviews variance requests for setback reductions, lot area reductions, parking requirement reductions and more.
  • The Historic Preservation Board establishes countywide policy to address historical protection and redevelopment issues among local communities.


  • The Lealman Community Redevelopment Agency is comprised of:
  • The Development Review Committee (DRC) — formerly known as the Planning Review Committee — makes recommendations to the Board of Adjustment and Appeals (BOAA), the Local Planning Agency (LPA) and the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) regarding public hearing items such as land use and zoning changes, Type 2 and Type 3 use approvals, right of way/easement vacations, variances, plats and non-conforming use modifications.
  • The Local Mitigation Strategy Workgroup serves as a bridge between local governments’ comprehensive growth management plans, the county comprehensive emergency management plan, land development regulations, and relevant ordinances and codes, such as those for floodplain management.