Pinellas Planning Council

This advisory board is responsible for countywide goals and policies that spur growth, development, and environmental protection. It is also responsible for preparing and administering the Countywide Comprehensive Plan.

The Pinellas Planning Council d/b/a Forward Pinellas is primarily responsible for preparing and administering the Countywide Comprehensive Plan.

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Special District Information

  • The full legal name of the special district: Pinellas Planning Council
  • The public purpose of the special district:
    The mission of the Pinellas Planning Council (PPC), as the advisory body to the Countywide Planning Authority, is to maintain and enhance a representative forum for countywide planning that provides for overall policy direction, plan consistency, interagency coordination, and technical assistance in furtherance of a coherent, efficient, and effective countywide planning process.
  • Membership Information
  • The fiscal year of the special district:
    October 1 through September 30

Charter Information

  • The full text of the special district’s charter (or special law, ordinance, or resolution creating the district):
    Special Act (Chapter 2012-245, Laws of Florida)
  • The date of establishment: Although the PPC has existed in some form since 1965, it was reconstituted in its current form in 1988 by a special act of the State Legislature (Chapter 88-464, Laws of Florida), and approved by countywide referendum as an amendment to the Pinellas County Charter. In September 2014, the PPC board unified its membership with the Pinellas County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), as stipulated by Chapter 2012-245, Laws of Florida. The merged agency, Forward Pinellas, is charged with addressing countywide land use and transportation concerns as both the PPC and MPO. Forward Pinellas not only provides a forum for countywide decision-making on transportation and land use issues, but also assists local governments with technical support, regional coordination, and policy advice and guidance.
  • The establishing entity: Pinellas County, Florida
  • The statute(s) under which the special district operates, if different from the statute or statutes under which the special district was established:
    Same as above


Contact Information

Boundary and Services Information

  • A description of the boundaries or service area of the special district:
    The boundaries are the same as the boundaries of Pinellas County.
  • Description of the services provided by the special district:
    Countywide land use planning; coordination of land use and transportation planning; local planning assistance; and, general intergovernmental coordination.
  • List all taxes, fees, assessments, or charges imposed and collected by the special district, including the rates or amounts for the fiscal year and the statutory authority for the levy of the tax, fee, assessment, or charge:
    Millage Rates   The Council annually adopts a countywide ad valorem tax, with the corresponding millage levy authorized by the Board of County Commissioners. The maximum tax levy authorized by the Special Act (Chapter 2012-245, Laws of Florida) is one-sixth of one mill (.1666), with the current millage levy of .0150 at 9.0% of the authorized levy.


Primary Contact Information for the Special District for the Purposes of Communication from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO)

  • DEO Contact Name: Whit Blanton
  • DEO Contact Address: 310 Court Street, Clearwater, FL 33756
  • DEO Contact Email:
  • DEO Contact Phone: (727) 464-8250
  • A code of ethics adopted by the special district, if applicable, and a hyperlink to generally applicable ethics provisions:
    State of Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees
  • The budget for the special district, in addition to amendments in accordance with s. 189.016:
  • The final, complete audit report for the most recent completed fiscal year and audit reports required by law or authorized by the governing body of the special district:
    Audit Reports