ArtWorks – Graffiti Abatement Program

ArtWorks is a partnership between Creative Pinellas and Pinellas County Public Works to discourage graffiti and foster community beautification projects in Pinellas County. The goal is to create appealing spaces, build excitement, bring new artistic points of interest throughout the county and recognize the pride residents have in their community while discouraging the types of graffiti that can detract from the enjoyment of the space.

The ArtWorks graffiti abatement program shows that “Public Art Works” by supporting artwork on Pinellas County’s transportation infrastructure to deter vandalism. Creative Pinellas is the County’s designated arts agency, and the program includes painted mural walls and vinyl wraps installed on traffic signal cabinets. Artists are selected through an open application process.

Featured Mural Locations

  • Alt. 19 & Pinellas Trail (underpass tunnel near Wall Springs Park), Palm Harbor
  • Belcher Road & Alderman Road (northwest corner), Palm Harbor
  • Belcher Road & Alderman Road (southeast corner), Palm Harbor
  • McMullen Booth Road & Tampa Road (Boot Ranch underpass), Palm Harbor
  • US-19 & Pinellas Trail (underpass north of Live Oak Street), Tarpon Springs
  • West Bay Drive & Pinellas Trail, Largo

Featured Traffic Cabinet Locations

  • 8th Avenue & Pinellas Trail, Largo
  • Walsingham Road & Pinellas Trail, Largo
  • West Bay Drive & 14th Street, Largo
  • 102 Avenue & Pinellas Trail, Seminole
  • Tampa Road & McMullen Booth, Palm Harbor
  • Klosterman Road & Pinellas Trail, Palm Harbor
  • Belcher Road & Alderman Road, Palm Harbor
  • East Lake Road & Kensington Trace at Pinellas Trail, Palm Harbor
  • East Lake Road & Sandy Point Road at Pinellas Trail, Palm Harbor


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the artist’s recognition permitted to be placed on the traffic signal cabinet?

The artist’s insignia, name of artwork and year created are permitted to be printed on the vinyl wrap as part of the artwork. The verbiage must not be visible from the road to avoid distraction to road users.

What safety restrictions must be followed?

Artwork must not interfere with the safe movement of road users. Artwork must not interfere with or obstruct access to any parts of the infrastructure. All vents, doors and latches of the traffic signal cabinet are to remain unobstructed. All identification and contact numbers must remain visible. All warning labels must remain visible. Installed wraps will be inspected.

Contact Us

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