Public Works: Asset Profile

Public Works is dedicated to improving safety, protecting the environment and enhancing the quality of life in our community. Whether it’s maintaining almost 150 bridges, treating more than 180,000 acres for mosquito prevention or moving traffic along more than 2,600 miles of paved roads, Pinellas County Public Works is managing, improving and preserving our valuable infrastructure and environmental resources. The following is a selection of the many assets we monitor and maintain for you:

NOTE: Quantity unit is “each” unless otherwise indicated.
(Data as of Nov. 1, 2022)


Asset Total
Stormwater Structures 46,363
Stormwater Gravity Mains 872 miles
Stormwater Open Drains 313 miles
Major Stormwater Weirs (dams) 58
Permitted Facilities (stormwater treatment) 713


Asset Total
Streetlights 3,858
ITS* Cameras 180
ITS* Dynamic Message Signs 48
ITS* Bluetooth Travel Time Sensors 102
ITS*/Signal Control Cabinets 579
ITS* Load Centers (electric power connections) 572
ITS* Fiber Optic Cable 260 miles
Warning & School Flashers 782
Signal Devices / Traffic Signals 444
Poles (for signs) 25,236
Signs 44,549
Speed Humps 395

* Intelligent Transportation System

Urban Forestry and Landscape Services

Asset Total
Inventoried Trees 66,191

Road Maintenance

Asset Total
Bridges 149
Guardrails 695
Handrails 1,890
Sidewalks 1,056 miles
Pavement 2,641 lane miles

Mosquito Control and Vegetation Management

Asset Total
Mosquito Aerial Treatment Sites 244
Mosquito No Fog Sites (beehives) 202
Maintained Ponds 261
Hand Clean Ditches 27 miles
Road Right-of-Way Maintenance Areas 190 miles
Mosquito Traps(to track mosquito species & populations) 43
Chicken Coops (sentinel) 8


Asset Total
Alum Treatment Facilities (for water quality treatment of stormwater runoff) 5 sites
Navigation Markers (to identify waterway zones, hazards & channels) 1,401
Air Monitoring Stations 9
Coastal Structures (for sand & erosion control) 14
Buoys 203

Additional Services Provided

Asset Total
Street Sweeping (to maintain and enhance water quality) 22,092 curb miles/year
Sidewalks Repaired 35,897 linear feet/year
Trees Planted 127/year
Trees Trimmed 7,005/year
Potholes Fixed 2,460/year
Pavement Markings Painted 10,346 linear feet & 13,599 symbols/year
Graded Roads Repaired 645,361 square feet/year
Handrail & Guardrail Replaced 1,525 linear feet/year
Right-of-Way Mowing (in-house, contractual & slope) 20,774 acres/year
Mosquito - Fogging 180,198 acres/year
Mosquito - Aerial Larviciding 11,087 acres/year
Mosquito - Ditches Sprayed 3,165,777 linear feet/year