Single Family Land Trust Resale Information

The Single-Family Land Trust (SFLT) is created to provide secure affordable access to housing for the benefit of the community. The terms of the ground lease place limitations on the resale of the home – preventing resale to a household that does not qualify within income guidelines and limiting the sales price to keep the home affordable.

The ground lease resale formula will be equal to the purchase price paid by the homeowner for the home (minus the land) plus a share of the increased market value of home (minus the land), if any. There is zero percent (0%) if sold with two (2) years or less from the date of purchase; or three percent (3%) for each completed year of ownership if sold after two (2) years from the date of purchase.

All resales or refinancing must be approved by The Housing Finance Authority of Pinellas County.


Resale Price Formula = Appraised value (new appraisal) – original purchase price x 3% x years of ownership

Home purchased for $100,000

New appraised value is $175,000

Increased market value is $75,000

3% of $75,000 = $2,250

# of years in house = 4 x $2,250 = $9,000

If you purchased a home for $100,000 and the new appraised value and decide to sell in 4 years, your resale price would be $109,000.


If you purchased a home for $100,000 and decide to sell in 18 months (less than two years) your resale price would be $100,000.