In order to best serve our residents, Pinellas County works with our community’s contractors to ensure they understand and follow education and license requirements according to county and city codes.

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Debris Contracts

22-0601-P Disaster Debris Monitoring & Management Services 22-0617-P Disaster Debris Collection & Removal Services...


Low-interest repair loans available for Pinellas businesses, homeowners

The U.S. Small Business Administration is now offering low-interest loans starting as low as 2.5 percent for Pinellas homeowners and 4 percent for businesses to make repairs and cover economic losses from Hurricane Idalia....


Pinellas County Standard Details – February 2022

Pinellas County Standard Engineering Details - February 2022...


Supplemental Specifications for Roadway and General Construction – April 2022

Pinellas County Supplemental Specifications for Roadway and General Construction to be used in conjunction with FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction...


Minimum Testing Frequency Requirements Specs for Roads, Storm Drainage, Utilities and Sampling Procedures – May 2022

Document showing specifications for minimum frequency of sampling roads, storm drainage and utilities. ...


Account, Vehicle, Trailer, and Container Information Placement Guide

Policy covering the display of an identification emblem on refuse vehicles which routinely use the Pinellas County Solid Waste Disposal system....


Solid Waste Disposal Accounts

...the Solid Waste Disposal Complex. Exit the Solid Waste Disposal Complex faster. Account information labels must be permanently affixed to your vehicles, trailers, and containers. Charge account Pay for disposal......


Business Waste Reduction & Recycling FAQ

Details on how Pinellas County businesses can reduce their waste and utilize recycling collection services....



Informational form for those interested in doing business through invoice payment options with Pinellas County....