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Pinellas County provides resources to help you learn how to live more sustainably through practices such as  reducing your use, recycling, building responsibly and more.

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Solid Waste changes household hazardous waste collection center operation hours and events

Pinellas County Department of Solid Waste is changing operation days and remote collection event frequency for household chemical collections beginning on Thursday,......


Calling All Educators: New Garbage and Recycling Education Programs for Kindergarten through Grade 2 Students

The Pinellas County Department of Solid Waste (DSW) has created three educational programs for children in Kindergarten through Grade 2, just in......


2023 Recycle Guide now available

The new and updated 2023 Recycle Guide is now available at schools, libraries throughout Pinellas County and online. The guide provides readers......


Solid Waste and Animal Services Partnership: Pet Supply Donation Drive

In July, the departments of Solid Waste (DSW) and Animal Services teamed up for a pet supply donation drive! The donated supplies......


Business Waste Reduction & Recycling FAQ

Details on how Pinellas County businesses can reduce their waste and utilize recycling collection services....


Household Chemical Collection

The Department of Solid Waste’s Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program diverts household hazardous waste from the municipal solid waste stream for proper......


What does the Sustainability and Resiliency Program do?

The goal of the Sustainability & Resiliency Program is to make Pinellas County more resilient to threats such as climate change and......


Resilient Pinellas Action Plan

In 2023, Pinellas County will complete its Resilient Pinellas Action Plan, which will guide the County’s sustainability and resiliency initiatives for years......


How to Live Sustainably

...for your home so you can review specific tips on how to save energy and lower your electric bill. The check can be completed online, over the phone, or in......


Electric Vehicles

Pinellas County goes electric To reduce our carbon footprint and stay current with emerging technologies, Pinellas County is gradually replacing our gas-powered......