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Pinellas County provides resources to help you learn how to live more sustainably through practices such as  reducing your use, recycling, building responsibly and more.

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Solid Waste and Animal Services Partnership: Pet Supply Donation Drive

In July, the departments of Solid Waste (DSW) and Animal Services teamed up for a pet supply donation drive! The donated supplies......


Reclaimed water restrictions in effect until Nov. 30

Pinellas County seasonal reclaimed water restrictions went into effect on Saturday, Oct. 1, and will continue through Wednesday, Nov. 30. The restrictions......


Business Waste Reduction & Recycling FAQ

Details on how Pinellas County businesses can reduce their waste and utilize recycling collection services....


Recycling FAQ

Have more questions about recycling? Visit the: Recycle Guide Where Does It Go? Search Tool Educational Resources Waste Management Hierarchy Send questions......


Household Chemical Collection

The Department of Solid Waste’s HEC3 program diverts Household Hazardous Waste from the municipal solid waste stream for proper recycling and disposal.......


What does the Sustainability and Resiliency Program do?

The goal of the Sustainability & Resiliency Program is to make Pinellas County more resilient to threats such as climate change and......


Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan

Pinellas County is currently developing its first comprehensive Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan, which will set the foundation for all of the......


How to Live Sustainably

There are many ways we can all help make our community a better place to live. Below are some ideas to get......


Electric Vehicles

Pinellas County goes electric To reduce our carbon footprint and stay current with emerging technologies, Pinellas County is gradually replacing our gas-powered......


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