Recycle Guide

While recycling collection is managed independently by municipalities and private haulers, the Recycle Guide provides universal recycling guidelines to all Pinellas County residents.

No matter where you recycle in Pinellas County, if you follow this guide, you’ll be recycling right!

The Recycle Guide is an annual publication created in partnership with the Tampa Bay Times Newspaper in Education. The guide includes resources and activities for teachers and students and is delivered annually to Pinellas County Schools free of charge.

Front cover of the 2023 Recycle Guide which lists all items that are recyclable in Pinellas County
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Recycle Guide – Text Only If you require additional assistance with this document, please contact our Office of Human Rights at (727) 464-4880 or

How do I get a printed version of the Recycle Guide? Look for a free copy of the Recycle Guide at local libraries and city halls. You can also call (727) 464-7500 to schedule a pickup or request that a copy be mailed to your home.

Need printable documents listing what can and cannot be placed in your recycling bin? View, download and print the flyers below!

Use the Where Does It Go? Search Tool to find local resources for reuse, recycling, and disposal. To be directed to the proper information, first select “For Homes” or “For Businesses

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