Mosquito Control

Pinellas County provides mosquito treatment and prevention services to the entire county, including all 24 municipalities.

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Request Mosquito Service

When you request service, we’ll ask for your contact information plus a few questions that can help the technician look for the......


Here’s what you can do to keep the mosquitoes away

It’s Mosquito Control Awareness Week, and with summer rains approaching, Pinellas County Vegetation Management and Mosquito Control is reminding residents they can......


Invasive Water Hyacinth

An information sheet about the invasive water hyacinth....


Report a Problem in Your Community

Report issues with air quality, potholes, sidewalks, illegal dumping, mistimed traffic signals, graffiti and more to Pinellas County on this webpage or......


Public Works by the Numbers

Learn the many ways Public Works serves Pinellas County by the number of accomplishments....


Stop Raising Mosquitoes Around Your Home and Yard

Tips and tricks to break the mosquito life cycle in your yard so you can stop raising mosquitos!...


Why We Need to Control Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes carry diseases that are transmittable to humans, including: Chikungunya Chikungunya is a virus that can be transmitted to humans by mosquitoes.......


Frequently Asked Questions – Mosquito

Frequently asked questions about how Pinellas County treats for mosquitoes....


The Mosquito Life Cycle

There are 37 species of mosquitoes in Pinellas County. Each species has a habitat they are adapted to, such as floodwater, swamps......


What to Expect at a Mosquito Service Request

Pinellas County Mosquito Control divides the county into 11 zones with a dedicated mosquito technician servicing each of them. In addition to......