Resilient Infrastructure

Pinellas County aims to minimize sewer spills and flooding in our neighborhoods to protect our residents’ homes and water health while making the community more resilient to storms, erosion and climate change.

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Resilient Infrastructure Initiatives

Surrounded by water and located in sub-tropical climate, Pinellas County faces many natural and manmade hazards. In addition to the ongoing threat…

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This page contains information, maps and resources related to planned road improvements, bridge projects, road closures and parks and trails projects. Bridge…

Green Infrastructure

In Pinellas County, we’re surrounded by water. Protecting the quality of that water is a top priority. Clean beaches and bays are important…

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Pinellas County Green Infrastructure

Pinellas County Green Infrastructure printable flyer including green versus gray infrastructure, and benefits...


Emergency Information

In the case of a large-scale emergency in Pinellas County, this page will be updated on an ongoing basis. In the case......


13th Street/Sands Point Drive Bridge Replacement

Project Overview Pinellas County is planning for the replacement of the 13th Street Bridge as part of an ongoing effort to maintain......


Reclaimed water restrictions in effect until Nov. 30

Pinellas County seasonal reclaimed water restrictions went into effect on Saturday, Oct. 1, and will continue through Wednesday, Nov. 30. The restrictions......


Joe’s Creek Restoration and Greenway Trail

Project Overview Pinellas County envisions Joe’s Creek corridor as a significant opportunity to enhance the character of the surrounding neighborhoods by: Providing......


Annual update of local hazard mitigation strategy plan complete

Pinellas County, its municipal partners and other stakeholders have updated this year’s Pinellas County local hazard mitigation strategy (LMS). The LMS is......


Pinellas County awarded $700,000 grant to continue vulnerability assessment efforts

Pinellas County was awarded $700,000 in grant funding Tuesday from the State of Florida’s Resilient Florida Grant Program to complete the second......


What does the Sustainability and Resiliency Program do?

The goal of the Sustainability & Resiliency Program is to make Pinellas County more resilient to threats such as climate change and......


Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan

Pinellas County is currently developing its first comprehensive Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan, which will set the foundation for all of the......


Environmental Stewardship Initiatives

Taking care of our environment ensures that our natural resources not only benefit us today but are also preserved for future generations.......