Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management controls invasive and nuisance weeds in our stormwater, retention and mitigation ponds, lakes and ditches. Control methods are a combination of approved herbicide treatments and manual removal. These methods improve drainage in our ditches and canals and help to reduce mosquito breeding. We also encourage native plants to grow and provide a better habitat for wildlife.

For the safety of the public, we control the weeds that grow on the roads, curbs, bridges, guardrails, handrails and sidewalks.

Pinellas County Vegetation Management - Tree removal by hand

How Vegetation Management Reduces Mosquito Populations

close-up of flower on bush
  • Reduces potential nurseries. Juvenile mosquitoes attach to the roots of cattails, water hyacinth and water lettuce, using the roots as breathing tubes. They avoid predators at the water’s surface and stay attached to the roots until they are ready to emerge as adults.
  • Maintains flow. Mosquitoes don’t lay their eggs in flowing water. By controlling proliferations of aquatic vegetation that can severely impede water flow, mosquito-breeding sites are reduced or eliminated.
  • Provides predator access. Natural predators, such as small fish, copepods and damselfly nymphs, have increased access and will reduce the need for chemical applications.
  • Encourages native plant growth. Planting beneficial native vegetation prevents growth of exotics and requires less maintenance.
  • Prevents flooding and standing water. By keeping drainage ditches clear of undesirable vegetation, floodwaters can recede more quickly, preventing residential flooding and pockets of standing water.

Lake & Pond Management

Vegetation Management also maintains county lakes and ponds according to permit guidelines, which act as retention, mitigation or filtration systems and county waterways (ditches, canals) for unobstructed stormwater drainage for watershed management.

Maintenance includes the spraying or removal of undesirable vegetation and debris and trimming trees that interfere with waterways. All work is done following permit rules and mitigation requirements.

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