Adopt-A-Park Program FAQs and Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Adopt-A-Park program?

The Adopt A Park program encourages community organizations to take responsibility for — or “adopt” — a specific Pinellas County park. Volunteers from the organization can then contribute to keeping it clean and enjoyable for our millions of annual visitors. Volunteers help to pick up litter, remove graffiti, mulch planter beds, maintain playgrounds and complete other special projects.

Each adopting organization will be recognized on a sign near the entrance of the park.

What organizations are eligible to adopt a park?

Any Pinellas County-affiliated business or community organization that registers with the Parks and Conservation Resources Department and completes a park service agreement is eligible to adopt. This may include service organizations, scout troops, school groups, neighborhood or homeowners associations, employee groups, church groups and social clubs.

The Adopt A Park program is available at the county’s regional park sites. Most parks are limited to two adopting groups. Fort De Soto Park has a maximum of three groups.

How do I adopt a park?

The first step is to identify the park you would like to adopt (see below). Then call the Pinellas County Parks and Conservation Resources Department at 727-582-2914. If a slot is available, we will ask that you complete an adoption request and, once the request is approved, an Adopt-a-Park Program Agreement.

What am I committing to if I adopt a park?

  • Complete four service projects per year, for a minimum of three hours per service project
  • Provide adequate manpower (at least eight participants) to perform the assigned task within the designated time frame
  • Perform only tasks assigned by the department or agreed upon by both parties

The Parks and Conservation Resources Department will provide the tools and supplies required to complete the project, and the department will provide staff supervision if necessary.

Adopt-A-Park Program Guidelines

Adopting Organization’s Responsibilities

  1. Select a park location from the list of Pinellas County parks available for adoption.
  2. Enter into a one-year service agreement to provide quarterly work projects at the adopted park. Service agreements may be renewed on a two-year basis on approval by the department.
  3. Commit to a minimum of one service project each quarter, for a minimum of three hours per project. Provide at least eight volunteers for each service project.
  4. Designate one person from your group to provide contact information and coordinate service projects with the department.
  5. Businesses or 501(c)3 organizations must provide a certificate of liability insurance to cover Pinellas County government, its agents and property during the service project. Organizations without insurance must have its participants sign waivers for each project.
  6. Commit to ensuring the work group acts safely, appropriately and within the standards required of all Pinellas County volunteers.

Parks and Conservation Resources Responsibilities

  1. Designate projects agreeable to both the department and the adopting organization to meet their service agreement requirements.
  2. Provide the necessary tools, equipment and materials to complete the service project.
  3. Assist with project planning and coordination.
  4. Commit to making all projects as safe and positive as possible.
  5. Provide a contact person within the department to communicate and assist the organization in meeting their project requirements.
  6. Provide signage at the adopting organization’s park which recognizes and credits the organization by name.

Adopt-A-Park Locations