Avoid Overwatering Your Lawn

Did you know overwatering can actually damage your Florida lawn? Fortunately, help is at your fingertips!

Overwatering your lawn causes:

  • Shallow Root Systems.
  • Dollarweed.
  • Chinch Bug Damage.
  • Excessive Thatch in St. Augustine Grass.
Overwatering your lawn promotes weak root systems, dollarweed, cinch bug damage, and excessive thatch especially in Augustine grass

Healthy Lawn Tips

There is a way to control pests, weeds and other lawn diseases without investing in expensive lawn rehabilitation. Instead of using pesticides, fungicides or herbicides, you can follow this healthy lawn prescription:

  • Once plants are established, irrigate only as needed.
  • Establish a deep, drought-tolerant root system.
  • Don’t throw water on a drowning plant.
  • Do NOT irrigate a lawn wet from rainfall.
  • Use mulch and fertilizer properly.
  • Select the right plant for the right place.

Additional Information

To get more information, call (727) 464-4000, press “0” and tell the representative, “I want a healthy lawn.” You can also check out the Pinellas County Extension website.

This information was cooperatively funded by the Pinellas-Anclote River Basin Board of the Southwest Florida Water Management District and Pinellas County and provided by the Environmental Horticulture Department and the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension Service.