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PROTECT YOURSELF. DON’T HIRE AN UNLICENSED CONTRACTOR.  Before hiring any contractor, ask for their name and license number, then use our Contractor Search feature to verify that they are eligible to work in Pinellas County. Report unlicensed contracting by calling (727) 582-6767 or submit a report online.


We have recently become aware of phishing attempts that pretend to be from or related to PCCLB. Official emails from the PCCLB will always come from an email address ending, or

We take information security very seriously and ask that you be vigilant to protect yourself against fraud. If you believe you may be a victim of identity theft because of a phishing scam, contact law enforcement. Affected customers can forward phishing emails to the Anti Phishing Working Group at or report identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission.


If you are a locally licensed specialty contractor, the State has made changes that affect your license.

View the Notice to Contractors.

View the Notice to Journeymen and Contractors who employ them.


State Certified Contractors must register to work in Pinellas County.

License Renewal Deadline

Most State registered contractors (I- licenses) and Journeymen (J- licenses) can renew online. If your license status is not active, you cannot renew online. Use our Renewal Fee Calculator to calculate fees to bring your license into compliance.

Our drop box is available 24/7

If you need in-person service, you must put yourself in the virtual line before coming to our office. Text the letters PCCLB to 727-472-4163 or download the Qless App.

Join the line from anywhere by text message or join from your computer from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The app will keep you posted and let you know when it’s your turn.

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Report Unlicensed Contracting

We investigate reports of unlicensed contracting. Please call (727) 582-6767 or submit a report online.

The Contractor Licensing Department manages the business of the Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board (PCCLB). The PCCLB has been licensing contractors, enforcing construction licensing law and protecting citizens in Pinellas County since 1973. The PCCLB:

  • Ensures that contractors working in Pinellas County have the skills to perform their work.
  • Monitors contractors’ liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect workers and reduce consumer risk.
  • Enforces Florida and County statutes and ordinances, including arbitrating building code disputes, amending codes and protecting the Coastal Construction Control Line.

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