Kit Installation Instructions

Pinellas County Kit For Civil 3D 2020

The Pinellas County Kit for Civil 3D 2020 is designed to be centralized on a network share and has several dependencies to function properly.

Before launching the Pinellas County Civil 3D Shortcut, make sure the following products are installed in the following order:

  1. Civil 3D 2020 with the following:
    • Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis
    • All associated service packs
  2. FDOT 2020 Civil 3D State Kit

This kit was designed and tested on systems running 64-bit versions of Windows 7 Professional and Civil 3D 2020. Since Autocad Civil 3D is only supported on Windows 7 (64-bit), that is the only operating system supported for the Pinellas County Kit.


Once the pre-requisite products are installed, the Pinellas County Kit can be configured. Some of the steps outlined below may require administrative privileges.

  1. The kit content is designed to be centralized on a network share for security and ease of maintenance. Users of this kit must have an “L:” drive pointed to the kit contents, since the kit contains numerous paths pointed to this drive letter. The kit has been designed so that it can be run under read-only permissions. The only exception is the “Survey” folder under L:\2020\Support must have full access due to limitations of Civil 3D.
  2. Unzip the kit and move the 2020 folder to a shared network location.
  3. For users of the kit, map an “L:” drive to the networked 2020 folder location. The path should be L:\2020
  4. Copy the “Pinellas Civil 3D 2020” shortcut file (.lnk) file (shown below) from the L:\2020\Support\Icon folder to the user’s desktop
  5. Launch Civil 3D utilizing the Pinellas Civil 3D 2020 shortcut. This shortcut must be used to enable the Pinellas County environment.

Note: It is possible to run the Pinellas County Kit with the content located locally instead of a network share. Once the kit is unzipped, move the 2020 folder to a location on the local hard drive and use the DOS “subst” command to simulate an “L:” drive. In any case, the user must use the drive letter “L” to point to this content.

GIS Data

We have included a special tool from ESRI that will allow for connections to GIS-type data. We will be using this utility internally for various features. The utility is free to download from ESRI.

If you choose not to load this utility, be aware that the ArcGIS for AutoCAD button on the Pinellas County ribbon tab will not function.

If you do want to take advantage of this extra functionality, you will need to install the plugin. Our button points to an altered installation path. When you install the plugin, modify the installation path to C:\Program Files\ArcGIS for AutoCAD\ (Default is C:\Program Files\ArcGIS for AutoCAD XXX\ where XXX is the version of the plugin). This future-proofs the button within AutoCAD so you don’t have to update the button every time there is a new version of the ArcGIS plugin.