Managed Areas

Parks & Conservation Resources manages the County’s environmentally sensitive lands using resource management practices that promote the quality of native ecosystems. Management practices focus on maintaining or enhancing the natural biological diversity.

Management areas are properties that protect natural and cultural resources, but generally are not set up for typical public activities.

Public activities on management areas are governed by the Municode – Chapter 90 – Parks & Conservation Resources.

Allen’s Creek Management Areamap
This Management Area is about 33 acres and is subdivided into two parcels that lie on either side of Belcher Road in Largo.

Alligator Lake Management Areamap
Located near Safety Harbor and connected to Old Tampa Bay, this Management Area is about 53 acres and includes two wading bird rookery islands.

Anclote Islands Management Areamap
Since 2000, Pinellas County has bought nearly 160 acres of environmentally sensitive salt marsh, mangrove islands, and upland communities along the Anclote River in Tarpon Springs.

Cabbage Key Management Areamap
Located in Tierra Verde, this Management Area is nearly 340 acres of mangrove swamp, coastal hammock, and ponds.

Cow Branch Management Areamap
Found at the southwestern end of Lake Tarpon, this 86-acre Management Area consists primarily of cypress swamps with some upland hardwood forests.

East Lake Management Areamap
This nearly 24-acre property was donated to the County in 1987 as conservation land. The parcel has forested wetlands with artificial ponds and canals nestled among several residential communities west of East Lake Road.

Joe’s Creek Management Area
Nearly 200 acres of pine-dominated uplands and coastal estuaries are protected within this Management Area near the north end of Boca Ciega Bay in St. Petersburg.

King Islands Management Areamap
This approximately 25-acre Management Area consists of two small islands and surrounding waters. It is in the intracoastal waters south of the Dunedin Causeway.

Lake Seminole Management Areamap
This linear tract comprised mostly of forested uplands lies along the northeastern edge of Lake Seminole. It is not connected to the County’s Lake Seminole County Park.

Lake Tarpon Management Areamap
Located on the northeastern shore of Lake Tarpon, this Management Area consists of 42 acres of high-quality forested wetlands.

Lake Tarpon West Management Areamap
The smallest Management Area at 3.7 acres, it is on the western shore of Lake Tarpon and protects forested wetlands and other natural communities.

Long Branch Management Areamap
This 15-acre forested tract lies along Long Branch Creek at its mouth into Tampa Bay in Clearwater.

Mariner’s Point Management Areamap
Purchased in 2000, this ecologically diverse 76-acre parcel is located in south Tarpon Springs along the Gulf of Mexico.

Ozona Management Area
This 8-acre Management Area protects coastal forests and estuaries.

Travatine Island Management Areamap
Located at the extreme north end of Boca Ciega Bay near Redington Shores, this Management Area supports coastal resources.