Office of Justice Coordination offers re-entry resources

Pinellas County’s Office of Justice Coordination announces new online guidance to set residents up for success as they return to the community from jail or prison.

Ensuring these residents have access to the support they need to establish a stable life free from crime is critical to both their success and overall public safety. However, navigating community resources and figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. To assist our returning residents, the Office of Justice Coordination’s Community Re-Entry Resources webpage provides information on commonly needed local providers and services that can help them stay on track. Family and friends are also encouraged use this resource guide to support their loved one’s return.

The webpage includes resources related to:

  • Housing and Shelters
  • Jobs and Training
  • Food and Clothes
  • Financial Assistance
  • Court, Records, Probation and Legal
  • Transportation Services
  • Medical and Treatment
  • Important Documents

As a division of Human Services, the Office of Justice Coordination provides a high level of research and development expertise, including monitoring and evaluation of present and future justice programs within Pinellas County, to ensure that residents receive the highest quality justice and public safety services. To learn more about Pinellas County Human Services and the Office of Justice Coordination, visit