Resilient Pinellas Action Plan

In 2023, Pinellas County completed its Resilient Pinellas Action Plan, which will guide the County’s sustainability and resiliency initiatives for years to come. Based on a strategic framework, extensive data and public feedback, the plan sets ambitious goals intended to make the County and its residents more prepared to handle a range of challenges, from sea level rise to hurricanes.

The 56 initiatives in the plan will help to reduce our energy and water use, balance development and environmental impact, promote healthy ecosystems, keep the economy thriving and much more. The initiatives are organized into six focus areas:

  • Empowered Citizens 
  • Economic Prosperity 
  • Resilient Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Systems
  • Healthy Ecosystems
  • Thriving Communities 

The plan was informed by a recently completed Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Vulnerability Assessment.

Graphic showing a city with decorative icons representing the Resilient Pinellas Action Plan's six focus areas: Empowered Citizens, Economic Vitality, Resilient Infrastructure, Healthy Ecosystems, Thriving Communities, and Sustainable Systems
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Two people walk on a boardwalk surrounded by trees at Sawgrass Lake Park in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Plan Approach and Goals 

The Resilient Pinellas Action Plan follows a “triple bottom line approach” that considers each initiative based on three categories:

  • Social responsibility 
  • Environmental stewardship 
  • Economic prosperity

This means the plan provides a holistic approach to supporting the County’s residents and visitors, improving and protecting the environment, and maintaining a strong economy.

Green Venn diagram with three overlapping circles. The top circle shows the word "Social" and three icons shaped like people. The bottom left circle shows the word "Environment" with symbols of trees and a globe. The bottom right circle shows the word "Economic" with symbols of a dollar sign and an upward-pointing arrow.

The overarching goals of the Resilient Pinellas Action Plan include: 

  1. Promote practices that improve resiliency in recovering from natural disasters and responding to sea level rise and climate stresses. 
  1. Foster a culture of fairness, engagement and empowerment for all. 
  1. Implement best practices and strategies to reduce our energy use and protect our natural environment. 
  1. Seek sustainable and resilient outcomes through proactive innovation, resource management and decision-making. 

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is meeting today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainability balances social responsibility, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity.

What is resiliency?

Resiliency, or resilience, is the ability to adapt as conditions change, and withstand and quickly recover from difficulties. On a community level, resiliency means Pinellas County and its residents are able to prepare for expected hazards and recover quickly from disasters, such as hurricanes.

Plan Development

The Resilient Pinellas Action Plan was developed over the course of two and a half years. The process included:

  • A comprehensive review of programs and policies within the County, with input from internal advisory committees to ensure all aspects of County operations were considered 
  • Public outreach through a public opinion survey and an external advisory committee to better understand the needs of our communities 
  • A greenhouse gas inventory to measure the carbon footprint of County operations and unincorporated Pinellas County communities

View the Resilient Pinellas Action Plan Highlights page to learn more about the plan and explore interactive maps of our communities.

Read the full Resilient Pinellas Action Plan: