Consumer Quick Tips

  • A retail store must conspicuously post the return policy near the point of sale or on the receipt.
  • Never give an uninvited caller your credit card or checking account number over the phone, and do not be persuaded to send money based on the promise of “free gifts”.
  • Health Studios must be licensed with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They are required to provide a three day right of contract cancellation.
  • Never give personal information such as date of birth, or social security number to a stranger on the Internet.
  • “AS IS” warranty means there is no warranty.
  • Do not pay an “advance fee” to obtain a job or have a resume produced.

If you have question about any of the procedures mentioned here, or wish to check the complaint history of a business, contact the Pinellas County Office of Consumer Protection at (727) 464-6200.