Reclaimed Water – Quick Guide To Using Straining Devices

Reclaimed Water Tips - Sprinkler

Some Pinellas County Utilities customers use reclaimed water for irrigation. Reclaimed water is not drinking water, so it is normal to get minor debris in the lines from broken sprinkler heads, line breaks and other causes. Using the correct straining device optimizes reclaimed water systems. View examples of the right and wrong types of filters below.

Do Use

a wye strainer - the recommended device

The recommended straining device is a wye strainer with a mesh basket inside of the strainer body. Typically, a number 12 mesh strainer will work. If you need a tighter mesh, a number 20 mesh strainer can be installed.

Wye Strainer User Tips

Wye strainers have removable caps that allow for flushing (cleaning). Be sure to turn off the water before you begin flushing and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety procedures.

These strainers are available from major irrigation or plumbing part suppliers and on the internet. They generally are not available at home improvement stores. You will need to determine your supply line pipe size to purchase the correct size strainer. Most residential reclaimed water systems use 1-inch pipes at the supply box.

Pinellas County’s reclaimed water ordinance requires strainers on all reclaimed water systems in the North County area. South County reclaimed water customers may also install a strainer if they choose to.

Don’t Use

Micro Filter - not recommended device

You should not install micro filters because the mesh is too fine. These filters will reduce water pressure and require cleaning multiple times a week. If you have a microirrigation system, a laser cut in-ground pipe system or a drip irrigation system, you should ask the manufacturer for information on the proper straining device.

Please help everyone by watering only on the approved days and times. Also, remember that overwatering can damage your lawn.

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