Request for Outside Employment or Enterprise

Can I work another job outside of my County job?

Pinellas County discourages its employees from engaging in employment outside their regular County employment. However, a second job is allowable under certain conditions.

  • Employees cannot work in another job that has a conflict of interest with their duties as a County employee. 
  • These steps must be taken to confirm there is no conflict of interest:
    • An employee must submit a formal request for prior approval of outside employment from their Appointing Authority (not their department director). 
    • The Appointing Authority can withdraw permission for outside employment at any time. Upon withdrawal, the employee is required to terminate the outside employment within 15 calendar days.
    • Employees with outside employment should make arrangements with their other employer to be relieved of those duties when and if their Appointing Authority calls them in for emergency service.

How do I submit a request for outside employment?

Use the electronic form in OPUS:

  • Log into OPUS.
  • Select PIN Employee Self Service.
  • Select Outside Employment.
  • Complete and submit the electronic form.

What about employees who do not have access to OPUS?

Employees who do not have access to OPUS, such as those working in the Tax Collector’s office, may use the hard copy form: Request for Outside Employment or Enterprise. The submitted form will be placed in the employee’s personnel file whether or not it is approved. 

Where can I find additional information?