Special Events & Facilities Use Guide

Several Pinellas County department, and even state or local municipal departments, can be involved in a special event. Our Special Events & Facilities Use Guide provides information and contacts for these departments to make planning your event and understanding any possible costs as smooth as possible.

This guide covers requirements for unincorporated Pinellas County and/or events held on county-owned property. It does not include processes necessary for cities within the unincorporated areas. Where possible, we have given some information on other agencies or public entities that you may need to contact when planning an event. This guide does not cover other federal, state or municipal requirements.

Please plan ahead and give yourself enough time to meet all of your deadlines.

Special Event Information and Application



It is the applicant’s responsibility to determine that all federal, city or state requirements have been met and all permits have been obtained.


Special Event Application / Inspection Information

  • Post-event inspections may be requested by Pinellas County. One or more authorized persons from the approved permit must be in attendance for the post-inspection at the date and time requested by the County.
  • All documents, licenses and permits must be registered, approved and assigned in the same name or they will not be accepted.
  • Vendor licenses and proof of insurance must match.
  • The person signing all documentation must be an authorized party to legally bind the organization, company or other contract for which they are signing. This will be verified.
  • Receipt of the application does not grant or guarantee approval for the use or the event. If any information is missing, falsified or does not comply with deadlines and requirements, permission may be denied. Pinellas County reserves the right to deny use or event(s).
  • A separate application must be completed for each event. This includes annual or regularly scheduled events. Separate approval notices will be provided for each event unless the county agrees otherwise.
  • The County may visit an event site before, during or after the event for purposes of evaluating safety issues. Should unsafe acts or conditions be observed, the County safety representative will discuss them with the event coordinator to remedy the unsafe act or condition. Failure to do so may affect the ability for the event to continue and/or affect future approval events.
  • The appropriate County director/site manager will have the unlimited right to shut down an event for safety reasons.

Additional License / Permit / Application Resources

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