Watershed Information

A watershed is the land area from which water flows into a stream, lake, or bay. No matter where you live on earth, you live in a watershed! To determine which watershed you live in, use the Find My Watershed interactive map and type your address in the search bar located in the upper left corner.

Pinellas County plans to develop a Watershed Management Plan for each of its drainage basins. These watershed plans guide the County in protecting and managing environmental resources, achieving improvements in water quality in County waters, and providing flood protection when needed. These plans span several years. To learn more, watch the the County’s watershed planning process video.

Pinellas County Watersheds

  • Allens Creek
  • Alligator Creek
  • Anclote River
  • Bee Branch/Smith Creek
  • Bishop Creek
  • Bonn Creek
  • Briar Creek
  • Brooker Creek
  • Cedar Creek
  • Church Creek
  • Cow Branch
  • Cross Bayou
  • Curlew Creek
  • Hollin Creek
  • Joes Creek
  • Klosterman Bayou
  • Lake Chautauqua
  • Lake Seminole
  • Lake Tarpon
  • Long Branch
  • McKay Creek
  • Moccasin Creek
  • Mullet Creek
  • Pinellas Park Ditch #1
  • Pinellas Park Ditch #5
  • Possum Branch
  • Rattlesnake Creek
  • Roosevelt Creek
  • Seminole Bypass Canal
  • Spring Branch
  • Starkey Road
  • Stevenson Creek
  • Tarpon Outfall Canal

If you would like a copy of a watershed plan or watershed summary, please email watershed@pinellas.gov.