Digital Signature Instructions

Pinellas County Guidelines for Acquisition and Use of Electronic Signatures

To acquire and use a digital signature for the purpose of an electronic seal, or electronic signature, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Review the State of Florida’s requirement for digital signatures as outlined in Chapter 668 Florida Statutes.
  2. Review the rules and regulations of the governing board of your profession or service for their acceptance and additional requirements for digital signatures in regards to electronic seals and electronic notaries. For an example, see the Board of Engineers, Chapter 471.025 Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Code 61G15- 23.004, or Chapter 117.021 Florida Statutes and e-notarization rules promulgated by the Florida Department of State as referenced in the Statement of Policy section.
  3. Find a company who acts as a certificate authority that will issue a digital signature or electronic credentials based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
  4. The list of providers below may be helpful, as it can be used to avoid steps 1 through 3. You can also find any vendor in accordance with steps 1 through 3 above and get department approval.
  5. Review the Pinellas County CADD Standards Manual for Survey and Civil Engineering for proper use of electronic signing and sealing.