FACE Comment Examples

Here are three (fictional) examples of comments that a supervisor enters in FACE to keep track of discussions they have with an employee about performance. 

Example #1 – Charles

October 4, 2014– I went to Charles’ job site and heard Charles tell Stan, James and Chelsea he didn’t like working with teams and he just wanted to do his job and not have to “deal with you people”.  I talked to Charles who complained that James just liked to argue and complain about his work and was lazy.  Charles said he didn’t like to help James with weeding because he ended up doing all the work.  I told Charles he should think about talking directly to James about the issue.  Charles said he would think about it.

October 13, 2014- 

  • Spoke with Charles about not entering his timesheet.  
  • He said he was busy and forgot.  
  • Said he would make sure it “didn’t happen again”.  

October 19, 2014 – Held a team meeting and told Charles what a great job he has been doing at making sure his assigned mowing equipment stayed in good working order.  In the past 6 weeks, Charles hasn’t had any damage to his mowing equipment.  Charles volunteered to help Dan work on the 2015-16 trim schedules.  They said they would have it done by December 31, 2014.

October 31, 2014- 

  • Spoke with Charles about setting a day and time he could give training on how to properly inspect, repair and maintain mowers.  
  • Said he would let me know next week what day the team agreed on.

November 7, 2014– Talked to Charles about not getting his timesheet in on time.  He said he came into the office to do it but John had him go to the shop to get some other equipment.  I explained why it was important he get his timesheet in on time and he said he would have if John hadn’t had him go do other work.  Charles and I agreed to a date/time for him to go to the office to enter his timesheet and that he would let me know before the deadline if he had any problem doing so.

November 9, 2014- 

  • Charles asked if the county would pay for his to get his CDL.  
  • Wants CDL so he could apply for Maintenance 2 position.    
  • Told him I would set time for him and Stan to study together.

November 11, 2014- I met with Stan and Charles and they agreed to meet every Friday morning from 8am-10am, for the next four weeks, to study for the CDL.  I also assigned Charles more work with the litter control team for the next 4 weeks since Carlos is out on vacation.  Charles said he didn’t like this team but would be ok helping since Carlos is a good guy and always helps him.

November 17, 2014 – Charles came into my office today to talk about Chelsea and how she was trying to boss everyone on the work crew.  Charles said Chelsea needed to mind her own business and do her own job.  Charles was very upset and said “you need to do something about this or I will”.  I coached Charles and we came up with a few ways he might be able to handle the situation himself.  Charles agreed to try and would come back and tell me if there was any change. 

December 2, 2014-

  • Reviewed teams mow times and cycles.  
  • Last two months, Charles has done all his work sooner than the set times. 
  • Averaging finishing his mow jobs 22 minutes ahead of the set times.  
  • Told him he was doing an excellent job.  

December 7, 2014 – I got a call from Paul telling me Charles is the only one who did not submit his timesheet by the deadline.  Paul told me this was the third time and it needed to be fixed ASAP.  I met with Charles and asked about his timesheet.  He said he was on the mower all day and didn’t get back to the office until 3:50pm.  Charles said he had to clean and inspect his equipment and was late leaving the office.  I asked Charles why he didn’t go in on the day/time we set for him and he said his cell phone died and he didn’t get the reminder.  I asked Charles what else he could do to get his timesheet submitted on time and he said maybe if he talked to Stan to ask if he would help remind him, then he might be able to remember.  I told Charles that Stan may not be available or busy, and asked what other ways he could think of.  Charles said he would bring a charger with him in case his phone died again and also print a copy of the reminder emails and keep them with his work schedule/log.  Charles said he has to look at the log every day and will attach the timesheet email reminder, which should keep him on track.  I explained to Charles the costs of people, time, and production when he has to come back to the office from the job site to enter his timesheet.  I also told Charles that if this were to happen again, he would be issued a “verbal” reprimand.  Charles said he promised this was not going to be a problem anymore.  

December 12, 2014- 

• Sent Charles an email about his quarterly FACE summary on December 17, 2014 at 3:00pm.

Example #2 – Debbie

October 8, 2014- I received a phone call from OMB saying they did not receive all the documentation related to a request to pay several invoices (this is the second time this has happened).  I met with Debbie to advise of the problem and instruct her to gather the supporting documentation and get to OMB by the close of business Friday.  Debbie said that she thought that she had included everything, but when she checked her files, she discovered the necessary documentation still in her files.  I pointed out to her that this is the second time we’ve had to go back and correct her documentation. She apologized for her mistake and agreed to double check her invoices before submittal to OMB.    

October 20, 2014- Debbie was late today.  She did not report to work until 8:45am. We had a conversation about the importance of being on time and if something comes up to call and let someone know as soon as possible so we can get her area covered. She agreed and we made sure she has my cell phone to call me.   

November 4, 2014

  • Received a call from OMB regarding missing documentation to support Debbie’s invoice payments.
  • Debbie and I discussed the errors and missing documentation.
  • We reviewed processes for submitting invoices and we created a check list for her to tape to her computer.

November 7, 2014- Observed Debbie speaking with a visitor to the office who was seeking information on various services provided by some County departments.  She took the time to answer the citizen’s questions and appeared to provide all the information being requested.  The citizen seemed very appreciative of Debbie’s help.  Spoke with Debbie afterwards to describe what I observed and compliment her on the handling of this citizen and thank her for taking the time to answer the citizen’s inquiries.  Debbie does very well in face-to-face interactions with customers.

November 21, 2014- Debbie submitted spreadsheet report of unit activities that contained several errors and also was missing necessary information.  Additionally, the report was to have been submitted November 14th.  Spoke with Debbie about the report, she became irritated and defensive.  She stated that co-workers are constantly interrupting her while she is working and she cannot concentrate on her duties.  We discussed ideas as to how she could limit interruptions from her co-workers to allow her to concentrate on her work.  I pointed out the errors and omissions and asked her to return the spreadsheet to me by Monday.  (Note: spreadsheet completed 11/24 without errors.)

December 1, 2014- Spoke with Debbie this morning; she called at 8:40 to report that she would not be in until 9. I explained to her that if she knows she is not going to make it in by the time her shift starts at 8:30, she needs to call before the start time. She agreed and told me it would not happen again, she is having car trouble and is going car shopping this weekend.  

Example #3 – Pat

October 17, 2014- 

  • Pat volunteered to help Recycling Unit with community drive over Thanksgiving weekend.  She was scheduled off yet agreed to come in since the team was short staffed.
  • Took the lead with setting up 2014-2015 elementary school recycling schedule tours while Bill is out.

October 24, 2014-

  • Pat submitted her travel claim with multiple errors.
  • Second time this month.
  • Said she would have Bob look over before she submits.

November 3, 2014-

  • Pat found three bottles of extremely hazardous materials in unsecured area.
  • At team meeting used this as a great example of keeping our work areas safe.

November 16, 2014– Pat came to my office to talk about her career goals.  She said she was hoping to apply for recycling supervisor when Chip retired.  Told her we would schedule sometime to talk about what we could do to help develop a professional learning plan.  

November 29, 2014-

  • Got a call from David Scott about an email from City of Clearwater staff.
  • Said Pat worked on a multi-jurisdictional team to help them start local recycling initiatives.
  • Email said Pat “represented our agency as a true professional and collaborative partner”.
  • David will be coming to team meeting next week to present “SW Bucs” for her contributions.

December 1, 2014– I observed Pat with an angry customer.  He was upset we wouldn’t accept his drop off materials.  Pat spoke in a calm and friendly tone.  Pat explained why we couldn’t take the materials and provided the customer with another nearby location who would.  The customer left satisfied and thanked Pat her for help.  

December 2, 2014- Talked with Pat about what her long term career goals are and what she needs to do to accomplish meeting eligibility requirements for the Solid Waste Program Supervisor.  Told her she needs SWANA Manager of Landfill Operations or Manager of Recycling Systems certification.  Pat said she would research info and get back with me after the holidays.