ID Badge Procedure

New Employees

  • Identification (ID) badges are automatically issued by Human Resources to all new employees of the Unified Personnel System and other County agencies housed in County owned or operated facilities.
  • New employees are photographed during their onboarding appointment or they provide a photograph to Human Resources (see Badge Photo Requirements).
  • HR staff will send the badge to the employee’s supervisor so they will have their ID before their first day on the job.

Badge Possession

Building Access

  • ID badges serve as building access cards for many work locations.
  • Human Resources notifies Real Estate Management that a new badge has been issued and needs to be coded for building access.
  • If your ID badge is not providing access to the correct building, notify your supervisor to contact Real Estate Management at (727) 464-3488.

Wellness Center

Badge Replacement

  • Request a new ID badge using the Badge Request Form if your badge is lost, damaged or stolen, or you have a name change.

Change of Department (Promotion, Transfer, Demotion)

  • Request a new ID badge using the Badge Request Form.
  • Give your old ID badge to your new supervisor who sends it to Human Resources (HRIS, Annex) by interoffice mail.
  • A new photo is not necessary unless the current photo is more than 5 years old.

Updated Photo

Resignation and Termination

  • Employees who leave County employment must turn over their ID badge to their supervisor who will send it to Human Resources (HRIS, Annex) by interoffice mail for destruction.


  • Pinellas County retirees may request an ID badge for Wellness Center use or local discounts using the Badge Request Form.