Parks & Conservation Resources

Parks & Conservation Resources is dedicated to the preservation of the County’s most treasured assets: park land, environmentally-sensitive land and the history of Pinellas County. Through ongoing education, we partner with professionals and the public as we work toward this common goal.

Our team is committed to using green practices to maintain our quality of life, using a fiscally-responsible approach to ensure our essential services are sustainable.

Parks & Conservation Resources Advisory Board

County Parks

With shelters, swings, boat ramps, beaches, dog parks, trails, and more, each Pinellas County park is unique in its amenities and atmosphere. A vast variety of recreational opportunities make the parks that are maintained by Pinellas County the pride and joy of residents and visitors alike.

Preserves and Managed Areas

Thanks to the community’s planning and dedication to the protection of its natural resources, the County has procured environmentally sensitive lands that include preserves and managed areas offering opportunities for the public to enjoy. They include Brooker Creek Preserve / Brooker Creek Education Center, Weedon Island Preserve / Weedon Island Education Center, Mobbly Bayou Preserve, Shell Key Preserve and other managed areas.

Pinellas County Extension

The educational mission of the County is carried out by Pinellas County Extension through a partnership with the University of Florida. Outreach includes a wide variety of programs such as Green Pinellas, lawn and garden, marine science and professional certifications.

Florida Botanical Gardens

Visitors to the Florida Botanical Gardens enjoy the natural wonders. This destination is home to a formal wedding garden, pathways leading to areas spotlighting local flora, as well as designated natural areas showcasing some of the rarest natural habitats.

Heritage Village

The hands-on, living Heritage Village brings the rich history of Pinellas County alive through interactive exhibits and activities, tours of historical buildings and special events in a tranquil landscape of pines and palmettos.