San Martin Blvd. Bridge Replacement Study

Project ID


Project Location

Tallahassee Drive to Weedon Drive in St. Petersburg

Project Status

Design: In progress


Pinellas County held a virtual project information meeting on Nov. 18, 2021, via Zoom, to share information and answer questions about the PD&E study for the San Martin Blvd. Bridge.

Pinellas County, in coordination with FDOT, is conducting a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study to evaluate alternatives for improvements to the San Martin Boulevard Bridge over Riviera Bay. The limits of the study extend from Tallahassee Drive to Weedon Drive in St. Petersburg.

Rehabilitation and replacement alternatives evaluated during the study were presented to the community at the Public Alternatives Workshop in 2016. To view information presented at this meeting, including community comments, or view the recorded presentation visit the Community Outreach page.

The project team is interested in your ideas and input. Opportunities for community involvement will be provided throughout the study. Check the Community Outreach page for updates, upcoming public meeting dates and general information as the project progresses.

San Martin Blvd over Riviera Bay bridge replacement area