Request an Early Assistance Development Meeting

These meetings are intended to: 

  • Inform and guide an application through the early stages of new development/re-development; 
  • Allow for staff representatives to offer technical suggestions and guidance to facilitate and expedite the review process; 
  • Provide the applicant with the requirements for Site Plan review and compliance with Land Development Code; 
  • Provide the applicant with any public hearing applications that may be required for the proposed project; and; 
  • Advise the applicant of the permits/fees that may be required for the proposed project. 

Once a request has been filed online, please allow staff up to two (2) business days to contact the applicant to confirm availability for a meeting (if deemed necessary by staff). Meetings are typically scheduled virtually, via the Microsoft Teams meeting software. Upon confirmation of the meeting, you will be provided a link to join the meeting from your computer or phone.  

Early Assistance meeting requests should be submitted through the Pinellas County Access Portal. 

Click the link below, then follow these steps: 

  1. Read and accept terms on the page. 
  2. Open the dropdown menu and select Development Review Meeting. 
  3. Complete the application. 
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