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All permits for unincorporated and special areas we serve can be applied for on the Pinellas County Access Portal. To use the Pinellas County Access Portal, make sure to create an account. Please read the instructions website thoroughly before creating an account.

Do We Serve Your Area?

We serve unincorporated areas, Belleair Beach, Belleair Bluffs, Belleair Shore, Indian Rocks Beach, Safety Harbor, and Oldsmar. Please verify with your city whether a preapproval letter is required for the project. If a preapproval letter is required by the city, it must be uploaded to the Pinellas County Access Portal when the permit is submitted.

Verify your jurisdiction by visiting Pinellas County My Neighborhood or the Pinellas County Property Appraiser website:

View contact information for building departments in Pinellas County

How To Guide

Make Permit Changes

Make Payments

Accepted by credit card on the Pinellas County Access Portal.

Fee Schedule – Development Review fees begin on page 642.

Submit a Notice of Commencement (NOC)

For Pinellas County properties, you may record the Notice of Commencement (NOC) at the Pinellas County Clerk of Court. After the document is recorded, it must be attached when completing permit submittal to the Pinellas County Access Portal when applying. NOCs may also be sent via email to

Notice of Commencement (NOC) Recording: Pinellas Clerk Online recording services for businesses only or at locations below:

315 Court St. Clearwater – Room 150                              

545 1st Avenue North St Petersburg – Room 153

Per Florida statute, all Notices of Commencement must be on site for each inspection.

Permit Submittal Intake Checklists

Permit Submittal Intake Checklist

The following are potential requirements to accompany Residential and Commercial Permit applications. Requirements vary based on the type of permit.

  • Habitat Permit Form: When exterior work or new construction is being proposed
  • Right-of-Way Utilization Form: For projects proposed in the County Right of Way such as new/replacement driveways, sidewalks, sewer or water connections, temporary access, etc.
  • Building Plans: Two complete sets of building plans; most projects will require these plans be signed and sealed.
  • All plans must show existing conditions and proposed conditions.
  • Current Boundary/Topographic Survey: Issued within last five years and plot plan/site plan for all projects. Outdated surveys will not be accepted for new construction.
  • Recorded Notice of Commencement Form (NOC): For any project value over $2,500 for building trade and $15,000 for mechanical equal change outs.
  • Completed Sub-Contractor Form: For any permits that require multiple trade work
  • Owner Builders may start the application but must appear in person for affidavit verification with a valid State-issued ID. Owner Contractor Affidavit
  • All other information that might be applicable to specific projects such as:
    • Signed energy forms & HVAC sizing calculations
    • Florida Product Approval List
    • Flood Zone Application (New Construction only- A&V Zones)
    • FEMA Cost Breakdown information
    • Copy of signed contract & Substantial Improvement Disclosure Form if FEMA 50% Rule is applicable
    • No objection letters from electric company (pools and signs)
    • For properties on septic, No objection letter/permit from the Florida Department of Health for proposed project
    • Equipment specifications
  • Safety Act Letter – Required for pools.

Development Review Permit Submittal Intake Checklist

The following are minimum requirements to accompany all Development Review applications, such as Zoning Clearances for Short-Term Vacation Rentals, Driveways, Slabs, Paving, Resealing, Restriping, Patios, Sheds with foundation under 100 square feet, Fill of all types, and Fences.

  • Habitat Permit Form
  • Right of Way Utilization Form: For projects proposed in the County Right of Way such as new/replacement driveways, sidewalks, sewer or water connections, temporary access, etc.
  • Drawings: Detailing entire work scope.
  • Site Plan/Survey
  • All other information that might be applicable to specific projects.
  • Please note certain documents may or may not be required, subject to review and scope of work.


  • Please note: You must have a valid license associated with your Pinellas County Access Portal account in order to add your license to Permit applications. Permitting contractors will need to create an account through the Pinellas County Access Portal (instructions). A current state-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or a state identification card, must be uploaded to your Pinellas County Access Portal account for Pinellas County Building Services to verify a license holder, a process that may take up to 24 business hours.
  • Only licensed contractors can add a license to their Pinellas County Access Portal and contractor must be identified as the Account Owner. Authorized agents must be added as delegates by the contractor on the contractor account to act on their behalf once permissions have been granted.

PCCLB registered contractors

When registering with Pinellas County Access Portal, your contractor license must be in Active status. Please note if your contractor license does not appear when adding your license to the Pinellas County Access Portal account, your license may be expired, or may not be active in the PCCLB database. You will need to contact the PCCLB directly to rectify any issues with the status of your license. The Pinellas County Building and Development Review Services Department will not be able to update any license information. Permits will not be processed for inactive contractors.

All contractors not regulated by PCCLB

  • Gas/LP
  • Mobile Home installers/IH
  • Sprinkler
  • Chemical
  • Fire Protection

For contractors not regulated by PCCLB registration must be submitted to Please include the following items:

  • Copy of State-issued contractor license
  • Liability and workers compensation insurance certificates
  • Copy of State-issued identification (driver’s license, etc.); address must match contractor license

All permits applied for in error are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Express Permits are standalone and cannot be combined together for a larger project. There are three main types of building permits: Express, Residential, and Commercial. Visit the Digital Plan Room to view all permit types, including Development Review Services permits.
    Questions? Contact us by email or at (727) 464-3888

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Follow the system prompts for the corresponding permit type.

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