Shore Drive Bridge Replacement

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Project Location

Shore Drive in Ozona/Palm Harbor

Project Status

Design: In progress

Project Overview

Pinellas County is planning the replacement of the Shore Drive Bridge Project as part of an ongoing effort to maintain and operate a network of over 140 bridges.

The Shore Drive Bridge was originally constructed in 1923 by Luten Bridge Co. to provide access to Shore Drive and Ozona Drive; however, the bridge does not provide the only access to these neighborhoods. A preliminary engineering report conducted in 2021 shows the existing bridge is nearing the end of its useful life and requires complete replacement due to issues with both the substructure and superstructure.  The replacement bridge will also be designed to meet current roadway standards and provide access for pedestrians.

The existing arch-deck bridge is approximately 80-feet-long and provides a clear arch span of 49-feet, 10-inches. The bridge has an overall roadway width of 23-feet, 6-inches, providing two 10-foot lanes and no sidewalks or shoulders.

Pinellas County is proposing a 60-foot-long single-span bridge to help improve water flow and reduce environmental impact. The proposed bridge will have an overall width of 40-feet, 6-inches, providing two 11-foot lanes, shoulders, and a 6-foot sidewalk on the south side.

Project Location

Shore Drive Bridge project map

Anticipated Project Schedule

Design Start: February 2022
Design End: Early 2024
Construction Start: Early 2025
Construction End: Fall 2026

Project Status

  • February 7, 2022: Design work started
  • January 2021: Preliminary Engineering Report Phase I completed

Community Outreach

Pinellas County plans to hold a neighborhood public information meeting after completion of the 30% design phase. The meeting is expected to be in early 2023. The latest updates can be found on this webpage.

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Amin Vosouli, P.E.
Project Manager
Public Works / Capital Improvements
14 S. Fort Harrison Ave., Clearwater, FL 33756
(727) 464-8889