Speakers Bureau: Animal Information

Pinellas County Animal Services offers the following presentations:

All About Animal Services

Learn about the organization, missions, responsibilities and services provided by your County Animal Services Department. Take a look at social issues concerning animals in our communities and how they affect our neighborhoods and citizens. Recommended Audience: All Ages

Canine Communication

This civilian-friendly presentation covers various aspects of canine body language and facial expressions. Our hope is that if attendees assimilate some of the information presented, it may help reduce the number of dog attacks/bites or less than favorable encounters with dogs. Recommended Audience: Ages 10 & Under

Preparing Your Pets for a Disasters / Emergency

Learn what to do with pets in the event of a disaster or emergency. Learn some common-sense tips on how to prepare your pet for hurricane season. Recommended Audience: All Ages

Rabies Investigation and Control

You’re on the case to see how rabies in Pinellas County is controlled. Also, you’ll hear how rabies affects animal behavior and how to avoid being bitten. Recommended Audience: All Ages

The Pinellas Pet Education Partnership

Various humane agencies and individuals have come together to form the Pinellas Pet Education Partnership. Learn what this organization is doing to promote responsible pet ownership and the well-being of domestic animals in our community. Recommended Audience: All Ages

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