Speakers Bureau: Environmental Information

Pinellas County offers the following presentations:

Code Enforcement

Human Services – What is Code Enforcement and what does it mean to your neighborhood? Learn about the different codes and how they are enforced. Recommended Audience: Adults – For Unincorporated Residents

Commercial and Industrial Solid and Hazardous Waste Management / Waste Reduction and Recycling

Solid Waste – The Pinellas County Small Quantity Generator (SQG) Program educates businesses on proper solid and hazardous waste management, according to federal and state regulations, and discusses options on how to increase recycling at your business through traditional and non-traditional recycling methods. Recommended Audience: Adults

Dealing with Asbestos

Park & Conservation Resources / Air Quality – Asbestos creates problems for contractors, building owners, architects, engineers, building departments and others. This presentation includes a discussion of the requirements involved in dealing with asbestos when renovating or demolishing a structure. Recommended Audience: Adults

Let’s Talk Mosquitoes

Public Works – Learn what Pinellas County is doing to control our mosquito population and what you can do around your home to help. The program touches on the causes of too many mosquitoes, controlling mosquitoes, mosquito biology and mosquito-borne illnesses. Recommended Audience: Elementary School – Adults

No Such Place as Away

Solid Waste – Ever wonder what happens to your garbage when you throw it away? This presentation covers Pinellas County’s integrated solid waste management system, including waste-to-energy, sanitary landfills, recycling programs, and the household electronics and chemical collection center (HEC3). Audiences are encouraged to take responsibility by reducing, reusing, and recycling their wastes and “closing the loop” by shopping for items made with post-consumer recycled content. Video (DVD) optional. Recommended Audience: Elementary School – Adults

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