Speakers Bureau: Roads, Highways and Vehicles

Pinellas County offers the following presentations:

Capital Improvements

Public Works – Roadways and rainwater have more in common than you think! Hear about proposed improvements to County roads and future plans concerning surface water management. Recommended Audience: Adults

Field Surveying

Public Works – In this presentation and video, you’ll see how today’s surveyors stake out a piece of property for future construction. Equipment and vehicles are displayed for hands-on demonstrations. Recommended Audience: Adults

How Do I Get There From Here?

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) – Look into the future as an MPO representative talks about plans for moving people and goods around the County and region. You’ll hear how transportation projects are identified and funded for all principal modes of travel including automobile, public transportation, bicycling and walking. Recommended Audience: Adults

Intelligent Transportation System Program

Public Works – Did you know computers are used to synchronize traffic lights to reduce traffic delays? Besides improving traffic flow and reducing driver stress, it is one way traffic engineers seek to improve our air quality by reducing automotive emissions. Recommended Audience: Adults

Overview of the Construction Department

Public Works – Hear how a construction project is contracted, administered and inspected. Recommended Audience: Adults

Survey Mapping

Public Works – How are experts able to draw today’s maps with such incredible accuracy? You’ll hear about some of the techniques employed to make maps horizontally and vertically correct. Recommended Audience: Adults

Transportation within Pinellas County

Planning / Transportation – Take a look at the long-range transportation plans currently in place in Pinellas County and how planners monitor traffic patterns to determine future needs. This program includes a list of improvements slated for the Pinellas Trail as well as information about the Transportation Disadvantaged Program. Recommended Audience: Adults

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