Speakers Bureau: Health and Human Services

Pinellas County Human Services offers the following presentations:

Care Fund

The Pinellas County Care Fund is a program that accepts financial donations to help residents in need of basic necessities such as water or electric bills. The helping hand provided through the fund can make a big difference for those faced with financial hardship. Individuals and businesses in Pinellas County can donate to the Pinellas County Care Fund. Donations are tax deductible and can be made online. Learn who qualifies to receive the funds, what the program covers and how you can participate. Recommended Audience: Adults

Disability Advocacy Program

The Human Services Disability Advocacy (DA) Program provides assistance to individuals who may be eligible for Social Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits. Our case managers assist these individuals with filing their initial application and subsequent appeals if necessary. An approval is based on developing a comprehensive case that includes providing extensive medical records to support the individual’s claim for disability. Recommended Audience: Individuals Who May Be Eligible for SSI and/or SSDI Benefits

Financial Assistance Program

Pinellas County’s Financial Assistance Program is available to adults without minor children who need a helping hand during unexpected financial hardships. Learn how the program works, who qualifies and emergencies the program covers. Recommended Audience: Adults

Family Housing Assistance Program

This program is designed to assist working families work towards economic self sufficiency through case management services, rental and utility support, along with referrals to employment, credit counseling and other community services. Learn how the program works, who qualifies for assistance and how the program has already helped several Pinellas County families. Recommended Audience: Adults

Medical Home-Your One-Stop Health Center

Medical homes provide primary medical care, limited specialty care, relief-of-pain dental services, wellness and prevention services, mental health and substance abuse services, and prescriptions. Find out who qualifies, the medical home locations, how the program works and who can take advantage of these essential services. Recommended Audience: Adults

Mobile Medical Unit

A mobile medical van provides outreach medical care to homeless persons living in Pinellas County. Learn how these services are provided and how this service benefits our community. Presentation can be tailored for all ages

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