Special Events/Weddings

Pinellas County parks and preserves are perfect venues for making wonderful memories. If you are planning a wedding or other special event, we welcome you to consider one of our County parks, which host hundreds of special events each year.

General Information

The PDF application forms can be filled out before printing. To do so, use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 8 or higher.

If you wish to have a special event or wedding at a Pinellas County park, you must submit the appropriate special event permit application or wedding application. For special events and weddings at The Florida Botanical Gardens, Brooker Creek Preserve, and Sand Key Park (beach) you must contact the vendors for those locations.


Applications must be submitted a minimum of 90 days before the event, but no earlier than one year in advance. If you require the use of a shelter, the shelter reservation should be made independently of the special event permit application. Shelter reservation fees will apply. 

Shelter reservations do not guarantee an event will be approved nor does a special event permit application have precedence in shelter reservations.

All payments for the event must be paid upon final event approval. Total fees will be determined once your application is received.

Event organizer(s) and any vendor(s) providing services in a Pinellas County park must provide proof of liability insurance, as well as indemnification for the County. This is a safeguard for our residents and visitors.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all federal, state, city, etc. requirements have been met and all permits have been obtained.


  1. Review the Special Events & Facility Use Guidelines.
  2. Complete the appropriate application (special event or wedding).
  3. Email completed application to specialevents@pinellas.gov.
  4. The special events coordinator will contact you acknowledging receipt of your application. Note: Submitting an application does not guarantee approval.
  5. Your application will go through an approval process.
  6. If your application is approved, the event organizer will receive an approval permit letter stipulating the terms of agreement. Note: The approval permit letter must be kept onsite during the event.

Fee Structure

For special events and weddings at The Florida Botanical Gardens, Brooker Creek Preserve, and Sand Key Park (beach) you must contact the vendors for those locations.

Special Events:
Attendance 1-50 $100 per day, plus tax
Attendance 51-150 $150 per day, plus tax
Attendance 151-300 $300 per day, plus tax
Attendance 301-1,000 $500 per day, plus tax
Attendance 1,001-2,500 $750 per day, plus tax
Attendance 2,501-5,00 $1,000 per day, plus tax
Attendance 5,001+ $2,000 per day, plus tax
Weddings (non commercial) - fees may vary by park
Attendance 1-50 $50 per day, plus tax
Attendance over 51 $100 per day, plus tax
Weddings (supported by commercial vendor)
Fee does not vary by attendance, but may vary by park $150 per day, plus tax
Picnic Shelter Reservations
Reserve a Shelter
Concession Vendor Permit
Per Location
Parking and Road Closure Fees
Full Road Closure
Partial Road Closure $1,500

County Park Locations with Contracted Vendors

  • Sand Key Park (Beach)
    • All commercial and non-commercial weddings at Sand Key Park must be processed through our vendor, Bon Appetit Group Inc. For information on making arrangements for weddings at Sand Key, you can contact them online or by calling (727) 260-5503 (select option #3).
    • Note: You should call this vendor even if you are planning a wedding with only a few people on the beach. They will know what events may already be scheduled on the beach, so you will know not to disrupt a scheduled wedding. Weddings held at a picnic shelter in Sand Key Park are not required to contact the vendor unless they are going to take pictures on the beach, in which case the vendor must be notified.

Pricing for Shelters

  • Prices for shelters vary by park and by the size of the shelter
    • 0–95 people: $26.63
    • 96–191 people: $53.25
    • 192–287 people: $79.88
    • 288 people & up*: $106.50 (Philippe Park and Fort De Soto only)
    • Shelters that are 1st come 1st served cannot be reserved and we cannot accept any form of payment for them

County Park Locations

Additional Information

Questions / Further Assistance

If you have additional questions, please contact our special events coordinator by email at specialevents@pinellas.gov or by calling (727) 582-2581.