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Pinellas County is committed to leading the way toward a more sustainable and resilient future for our region.

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Department of Solid Waste Achieves Accreditation

The Department of Solid Waste (DSW) received accreditation from the American Public Works Association (APWA) for its commitment to continuous improvement of......


Pinellas County joins American Flood Coalition

As a part of Pinellas County’s commitment to reducing flooding and making the county more resilient — or able to withstand or......


Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority

Established in 2007 by the Florida Legislature, the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority (TBARTA) worked to advance regional transportation needs in......


What does the Sustainability and Resiliency Program do?

The goal of the Sustainability & Resiliency Program is to make Pinellas County more resilient to threats such as climate change and......


Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan

Pinellas County is currently developing its first comprehensive Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan, which will set the foundation for all of the......


Sustainability and Resiliency Leadership and Collaboration Initiatives

Meeting sustainability and resiliency goals requires a new way of thinking about how programs, projects and policies are developed and delivered. Local......


Sustainability and Resiliency Initiatives

With nearly 600 miles of coastline, pristine ecosystems and some of the nation’s top beaches, Pinellas County is a popular place to......


Pinellas County convenes Sustainability and Resiliency Advisory Committee

Pinellas County is convening an expansive and diverse advisory committee that will help finalize the County’s first Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan......


Sustainability and Resiliency Report

This inaugural progress report provides a snapshot of the many Sustainability and Resiliency accomplishments made in Pinellas County....


Recycle Guide (PDF)

View and download the Recycle Guide-an annual publication produced by the Pinellas County Department of Solid Waste. ...