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Pinellas County has regulations and ordinances in place to protect our community’s consumers.

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Government Offices

Boards, Councils, and Committees


Towing Ordinance 19-39

Ordinance covering car towing rates and rules....


Consumer Protection Brochure – Spanish

Folleto que describe el alcance de la Protección al Consumidor del Condado de Pinellas....


Human Trafficking Ordinance 2016

Ordinance pertaining to the posting of public human trafficking awareness signs. ...


Apply for or Renew an Adult Use License

Adult use establishments in unincorporated areas of Pinellas County must obtain a license from the Office of Consumer Protection before they can......


Request a Human Trafficking Sign for a Business

Request a human trafficking awareness and resources sign to post in your business as required by Pinellas County Ordinance Section 42-430. Learn......


Landscape Maintenance & Fertilizer Application Certification Requirements

All landscaping professionals working in Pinellas County must complete an approved training program and display a Pinellas County vehicle decal. Landscaping professionals......


Consumer Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services...


Fertilizer Retailers & Distributors

Pinellas County Fertilizer Ordinance No. 10-06 addresses the Retail Sale of Fertilizer containing Nitrogen or Phosopherous (Section 58-482). The purpose of the ordinance......


Towing Ordinance

The Office of Consumer Protection is tasked with the enforcement of towing companies. Towing companies must notify local law enforcement of the......


Consumer Tips: Buying Your First Car

When you buy a car with an “AS IS” warranty, it means there is no warranty. Have the car checked out by......