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Pinellas County is home to 45 different taxing authorities which affect various tax districts including the Pinellas County Commission, municipalities, school board, transit, water management and fire districts.

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County releases Fiscal Year 2023 proposed budget

Pinellas County Administrator Barry A. Burton on Tuesday presented the County’s proposed Fiscal Year 2023 Budget to the Board of County Commissioners.......


South Pinellas County Municipalities & Unincorporated Areas

Map of the municipalities and unincorporated areas in southern Pinellas County. ...


North Pinellas County Municipalities & Unincorporated Areas

Map of the municipalities and unincorporated areas of Pinellas County....


BCC approves funds for 270 affordable homes

The Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners approved funds for two affordable housing projects that will add another 270 units for county residents in the next few years. The Commission......


Pinellas County awarded $28.6 million for environmental resilience projects

Projects include utilities water and wastewater system improvements and living shoreline at Phillippe Park Pinellas County has been awarded $28.6 million in......


Surface Water Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

Surface Water Assessment In 2013, the Pinellas County Board of Commissioners implemented a Surface Water Assessment in unincorporated Pinellas County. The assessment......


Penny for Pinellas

The Penny for Pinellas is a voter-approved, one-cent sales tax used to pay for projects to improve Pinellas County infrastructure. Visit the......


FY21 Annual Operating & Capital Budget Introduction

Introduction outlining Pinellas County's FY2021 Annual Operating & Capital Budget....


FY21 Budget Timetable

Document listing the budget timetable for the FY2021 Annual Budget....


FY22 Budget Calendar

Document displaying the FY2022 Annual Budget Calendar....