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Pinellas County strategically measures the outcomes and results of the things we do in order to provide open and accountable governance, quality service, respectful engagement and responsible resource management.

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Pinellas County seeks resident input for quality of life survey

Pinellas County officials are asking residents to participate in a comprehensive quality of life survey starting today. Residents can take the survey......


National Community Survey

Pinellas County is gathering resident feedback through the National Community Survey (NCS) to help inform and identify strategic planning and goal setting......


Pinellas County Public Works FY2022 Strategic Plan

Pinellas County Public Works FY2022 Strategic Plan...


Pinellas County American Rescue Plan Act Approved Projects

Pinellas County is receiving approximately $189 million as part of the federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA). The Board of County Commissioners has approved the following list of ARPA-funded projects....


Phillips & Jordan Inc Services Agreement Contract

A 2017 Disaster Debris Collection and Removal services agreement between Pinellas County and Phillips & Jordan, Inc. ...


FY21 Adopted Budget Section B – Summaries

Document displaying the Summaries section of the FY2021 Adopted Budget. ...


Unincorporated Pinellas County Map 2014

February 2014 map showing unincorporated areas and municipalities in Pinellas County....


Pinellas County Accomplishments Report 2017 en Espanol

Un resumen de nuestro Informe Anual de Logros cumplidos en el 2017 sobre las muchas cosas hechas por su gobierno del Condado Pinellas para hacer de nuestra comunidad un mejor lugar donde vivir....