Seasonal Restrictions on Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed Water “Frequency of Use” During Dry Season

The reclaimed water shortages during the dry season have caused stress on the distribution system in recent years. A proposal was passed to limit lawn-watering during the dry season to three days a week. This will help the distribution system while also helping you build a healthier lawn. Experts at the University of Florida and The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences recommend watering less frequently to establish a deep, drought-tolerant root system. 

Reclaimed Water Benefits

  • Creates an alternate water source and reduces demand on potable (drinking) water sources.
  • Saves money by replacing drinking water for landscape irrigation.
  • Reduces fertilizer costs and usage. Reclaimed water contains nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, which are commonly found in fertilizers. This means you may be able to reduce your fertilizer use and save money. 
  • Makes our community landscaping beautiful.

Additional Information