Employee Advocate Program

The Employee Advocate Program, administered by the Employees’ Advisory Council (EAC), helps employees resolve disputes by finding resolutions beneficial to both parties. Volunteer advocates must be tactful, diplomatic and have an ability to relate professionally in diverse situations and circumstances.

How to Request an Advocate’s Assistance

Some employees who are facing disciplinary meetings or who initiate grievances feel they need someone to help them present their viewpoint. Employee Advocates assist employees with disciplinary hearings or grievances and have authorization from their departments to spend a reasonable amount of work time for this purpose.

To request assistance from an Employee Advocate, use the Request an Advocate Form (login to SharePoint required). If you need assistance with the form, email EAC@pinellas.gov, contact your EAC Representative or Delegate, or call Human Resources at (727) 464-3367, option 2. Human Resources staff take a neutral position and can help guide both parties through the process. Human Resources staff are not allowed to advise or be with an employee or manager during Personnel Board meetings.

How to Become an Advocate

You can apply to become an Advocate. If you are selected, you may assist fellow employees over the phone, through email or in person. If you are interested, you should:

Why Be an Advocate?

  • Help your fellow employees.
  • Learn more about your Pinellas County Government.
  • Improve your communication skills.
  • Sharpen your organizational talents.
  • Become a good time manager.
  • Develop your public speaking abilities.
  • Be recognized as a professional leader who cares about our organization.
  • Network with other employees.

Requirements for an Advocate

Advocates should:

  • Be a full-time Pinellas County employee with a minimum five years of service (may be waived based on experience).
  • Be a classified employee (may be a supervisor but may not be an exempt employee).
  • Not be a probationary status employee.
  • Not be have an active disciplinary action or grievance in progress.
  • Have approval/authorization of their supervisor.

Advocate Time

  • While serving as an Advocate, you will be paid for time spent away from your job during normal working hours. Participation must be approved by your supervisor. Time spent as an advocate should not exceed three hours a week during your normal County work time.
  • It may be necessary for Advocates to perform voluntary services outside their normal work hours. Advocates receive no additional compensation for voluntary efforts.