2023 Colors of Pinellas Virtual Art Show Guide

The placing of art in the exhibition constitutes an agreement on the part of the entrant with conditions herein set forth. The National Arts Program Foundation and Pinellas County reserve the right to publish reproductions of the entries for publicity purposes and to disqualify entries they consider to be unacceptable or inappropriate for a public exhibit.

Eligible Participants 

  • Employee of Pinellas County (Unified Personnel System, Sheriff, State Attorney, Public Defender, Medical Examiner, Juvenile Welfare Board or Courts Administration)
  • Immediate family member of an employee of Pinellas County
  • Retired employee of Pinellas County or immediate family member of a retiree
  • Active volunteer of Pinellas County or immediate family member of a volunteer
  • Active intern of Pinellas County or immediate family member of an intern

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Medium Categories 

  • Photography (black-and-white, color)
  • Painting (oils, acrylics) 
  • Works on Paper (watercolor, pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, marker, crayon, digital) 
  • Sculpture
  • Craft (ceramics, glasswork, jewelry, woodcarving, fiber)
  • Mixed Media (a work of visual art that combines more than one medium) 


Artwork will be judged in the classification of the artist’s selection; however, in some cases, the exhibition judges will make the final determination.

Classification Description
AmateurAdult with little or no experience
IntermediateAdult with some experience, beginning art students 
ProfessionalAdult with serious art training or employed in an art related field 
Teen13 to 18 years old
Youth12 years and under

Entry Requirements

  • A digital photograph of each entry is required to be uploaded when you register.
    • Each file must be a high-quality image that is at least 1,600 pixels by 1,200 pixels at 72 dpi.
    • The file format may be jpg, jpeg, or png.
    • Please name the file with the artist’s last name, first name and the name of the work (for example Smith, Mary, Beautiful Sunset).
    • For tips on how to take a photo of your entry, see Do’s and Don’ts for Photographing Your Art below.
    • For 3-dimensional art such as sculptures and crafts, up to 3 photos are permitted to show the art from different angles. Contact Employee Communications by phone at (727) 464-3367, option 2, or by email for submittal instructions since only one photo may be uploaded when you register.
  • Each entry must be the original work of the applicant completed within the last three years.
  • No copies, kits, paint-by-number pieces, photocopies, photographs of artwork, magazine or book illustrations, or random snapshots will be accepted.
  • Limit of two entries per artist. A separate registration form needs to be completed for each entry.
  • Artwork may not have been previously submitted. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Photographing Your Art 

If your artwork is a photograph (as opposed to a painting or craft), don’t send a photo of the framed work. Send the image itself.


  • Make sure the subject is well lit. Natural lighting is best.
  • Photograph from straight on.
  • Make sure your colors come through.
  • Check the background. Does it distract the eye? Use simple backgrounds.
  • Make sure it’s focused.
  • Try taking the photo with the flash and without the flash. Which is better? 


  • Photograph a reflective surface such as glass.
  • Photograph from an angle.
  • Send a photo of a photo.
  • Frame 2-dimensional works.
  • Shoot in direct sunlight. 

More Information

For more information on the Art Show including registration and FAQs, see the Colors of Pinellas Art Show.