Emergency Shelters

Shelter Tips

  • Not all shelters will open for every situation! Which shelters are opened will depend on the size and timing of a storm.
  • Check this site for updates before finalizing your plans to make sure you only go to a shelter that is open.
  • Do not assume that a shelter you used in the past will be open this time.
  • Come prepared! Check out our list of items we recommend you bring to a shelter.
  • You can also view a map of the shelters that are opened during an event at our Know Your Zone site.

Shelter List

This list shows emergency shelters in Pinellas County that could be opened during an evacuation. Shelter status will be updated regularly when an evacuation is ordered. Please note that not all shelters open for every situation.

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County Shelters
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Pinellas County Emergency Operations Center
Department of Emergency Management
(727) 464-3800

During an emergency activation, call the County Information Center at (727) 464-4333.