Employees’ Advisory Council FAQs

The Pinellas County Employees’ Advisory Council (EAC) works to improve and advocate for our classified employees’ quality of work life. The council advises the Personnel Board and the Director of Human Resources on personnel matters, policies, rules and regulations that affect our employees.

How does the EAC work?

The EAC meets monthly to develop and recommend ideas on working conditions, morale, efficiency, employee safety, benefit programs and more. The EAC appoints two members to the Personnel Board, and the Director of Human Resources acts as an additional liaison between the Board and the EAC.

How are the employees represented?

There are 15 representatives who serve on the EAC. Representatives are elected to two-year terms by their fellow classified employees.

In addition, the EAC has more than 70 delegates who act as a communication link between employees and the council. These delegates are at every worksite throughout the County. They are not elected but are appointed based on an employee’s willingness and interest to serve. Serving as a delegate first can help prepare an employee to serve on the EAC as a representative.

How can I find out who my EAC representative/delegate is?

Where can I find more information on the EAC?

To learn more, visit the EAC webpage.

You can also email us at employee.relations@pinellascounty.org or call (727) 464-3367, option 2.